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Hi Folks

We're really stoked to announce our new collegue from Australia; Charlie !

She is not only a barber but cuts woman and kids too.

So yes to all the girls out there; Book Charlie 

You can book the three of us online!

We also love to see you for a

coffee from STOOKER Specialty Coffee

with a slice of homemade bananabread or some fresh applepie?

or just drop by to see us for some talk at Van der Pekstraat 39

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 Ferry Seksie Barbier

My name is Mischa Rath also known as

Ferry Seksie

I am a Barber in Amsterdam Noord

I love to tell you why I got this name

So come visit me in NOORD

Choose a delicious STOOKER Specialty coffee or a Ginger Tea and I will tell you the story while giving you a haircut,

get your beard done or sharpen your moustache

Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays  there's Van der Pek Market in the street; nice to visit aswell

Looking forward to see you 

Stay Sharp & Seksie

Barber Geoff

Hi guys

I’m Barber Geoff, 27 years old and been living and cutting in Amsterdam for 3 years


I like to create modern cuts but I'm also stoked for the Old School stuff and everything in between!


I’m a Sneakerhead and a Musician so you can talk with me about genres of music, newest footgear, guitars and all that stuff. 


I’ll be thrilled to see y’all in my chair;

you can book me now !


Catch you later 



Stooker Specialty Coffee

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Ferry Goods

Contact Ferry Seksie

Ferry Seksie Barbier

Van der Pekstraat 39

1031 CP Amsterdam Noord

Tel: +31-6-55305492

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